Sunday Baking: Seeking Sally Lunn

On a bright October 2018 morning in Bath, England, I set out in search of Sally Lunn's Eating House, a bakery and dining room built in 1482, reportedly existing as a bakery since circa 1680. The story goes that a young Huguenot refugee by the name of Solange Luyon came to Bath around 1680 and … Continue reading Sunday Baking: Seeking Sally Lunn

Plastic Free Cookery: Nice bit o’ cheese (and crackers)

Despite my devotion to Sunday Baking, I actually far prefer savoury options, and especially cheese. The cheese is even better when it comes atop a cracker, but both are regular sources of plastic in my rubbish bin, and that's something I would like to change. Cheese came to New Zealand with the European settlers, who … Continue reading Plastic Free Cookery: Nice bit o’ cheese (and crackers)

Sunday Baking: Harmony Tarts & Louise Cake

Pastry, jam and sweet coconutty meringue: could you resist? I started off my Sunday baking with a plan to make 'Harmony Tarts': sweet little treats from the NZ Women's Institutes Tried Recipes for the sole reason that I couldn't resist the name. But as I baked, I had a hunch that these were eerily similar … Continue reading Sunday Baking: Harmony Tarts & Louise Cake